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A mother has lost her child to the most appalling crime - the police are compromised, the private investigator she hired in her desperate search for answers has disappeared. Her only hope of retribution is to contact the man she swore would never be part of her life.


Over a slow-burning 24 hours we pass through the lives of seven lost souls, all damaged and all strangely linked to each other and the terrible events that are about to unfold.  


The Day of the Broken takes us into the shadowy reaches of the psyche; here, there are no rules, everybody has secrets, everybody has something to hide, and no-one is safe.


Beautifully shot in and around Melbourne and laced with pitch-black humour, this is tough, intelligent and uncompromising cinema. With powerhouse performances throughout and  set to a brilliant score by Norwegian artists DEAF CENTER, this intense search for a killer stays in the blood long after viewing








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